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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tea Party Rep. Tim Scott To Replace Jim DeMint In US Senate - Libs Calling Him 'Uncle Ruckus' Already

By Susan Duclos

Recently South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint announced he would be resigning from the US Senate and Monday Governor Nikki Haley announced who would replace DeMint until a special election is held for the seat in 2014.

Via ABC News:

Rep. Tim Scott will be the first African American senator from the South since Reconstruction, following South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's announcement this afternoon.

Haley named Scott, a Tea Party Republican congressman from the state, to replace Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., in a press conference just after noon on Monday. Scott will also be the only black in the Senate.

Tea Party leader DeMint is stepping down to head conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation.
"He earned this seat for what I know he's going to do in making South Carolina and making our country proud," Gov. Haley said of Scott's appointment.

South Carolina Republicans predicted Scott would get the seat since DeMint announced his resignation less than two weeks ago.

Of course the expected and typical rhetoric from liberals has already started on Twitterverse with libs calling Scott the "Token black",  "Token Negro" , the GOPs new "mistrial show",  "House Negro,"  "Uncle Tim Scott", "Uncle Ruckus", and a  "joke".

Another classy example is a "US Senator who's Black only in skin color."

(Twitchy provides the original tweets from liberals as well as a slew of other examples)

Funny how liberals always call Republicans racist, when they themselves are the ones that heartily attack any black person that happens to hold conservative ideals.