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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas and Holiday Care Packages For The troops

By Susan Duclos

It is that time of the year again folks, time to remember that not all our men and women in the military can be home with their families and friends for Christmas, and they need to know they are remembered, appreciated and loved.

Via Move America Forward email:

They risk their lives for us - don't they deserve our thanks?

There are about 68,000 troops in Afghanistan still serving, fighting the Taliban and fighting to stabilize the war torn country so that it will never again be a training and staging ground for attacks on the U.S. These brave men and women won't be home or with their families for the holidays, they'll be spending Christmas protecting our freedoms.

Our brave men and women in the military will be spending their Christmas protecting our safety and need our prayers and deserve a special 'Holiday Thank You'

While we fill out our Christmas wish lists, many of our troops are thankful for just being alive because they realize that not all that serve are so lucky.  They are fully aware of the risks they take and dangers they face every day, but do so willingly for our safety.  For this, they deserve a small taken of our appreciation around the holidays. 

The holidays are the loneliest time of the year for many people serving in a normal capacity, but imagine if you are serving in the military thousands of miles from home in a foreign land. 
While many members of our military have supportive and loving families that send them stuff around the holidays, many do not and get very lonely, especially during the holidays.

We've heard over and over again from military men and women that the care package they received from us was the only piece of mail or support they have received all year and it meant the world to them.

Santa helping to deliver our care packages along with Operation Care

We also continually hear that our troops really appreciate the great items that we include in our care packages, but the most appreciated item is the personalized letter from YOU that you can fill out and thank them for their service or let them know you support them.

Please help us bring a little holiday cheer to our brave men and women of the military by sending them support from home today  - it might be the only mail they get all year. 

These brave men and women are risking their lives thousands of miles from home and deserve every bit of support and thanks that we can give them. 

We hear time and time again from our military care package recipients how much they appreciate our care packages and how much it means to them to know that people from back home took the time to think of them - it makes their day, week, and even month!
Holiday Care Packages Come with Special Christmas Goodies
Boca Java Coffee
Oreo Cookies
Chap Stick
Sweet Stripes Christmas Candy
Painted Hills Beef Jerky
Planters Trail Mix
Ocean Spray Craisins Trail Mix

And most importantly, a personalized letter from you!
Candy Diplomacy Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
For The Troops CDs
Diana Nagy "The Journey of Life" CDs
Hot Chocolate
Hot Apple Cider
Bug Repellant
Battery Operated Fans
Wet Wipes
Foot Powder

Don't forget, as we come to the close of the tax year, all care package contributions are tax-deductible, since Move America Forward is an IRS recognized not-for-profit organization.