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Sunday, December 16, 2012

OUTRAGEOUS! Union Chief Among 90 CSEA Workers To Be Laid Off, From Job She Was Not Required To Do

By Susan Duclos

Long story short, another labor dispute with a "he said, she said" scenario, where negotiations fell through results in 90 Civil Service Employees Association workers being slated for layoffs by Westchester County, including the elimination of the job held by Karen Pecora, the outspoken president of the county government’s largest public employee union since 2009.

The details where each side blames the other can be found at "Politics on the Hudson," but the portion  he article that caught my eye, was towards he bottom of the piece:

Though Pecora’s job title – secretary 1, word processor – was located within the Department of Parks and Recreation’s budget, she did not work at parks headquarters in Mount Kisco. Under Westchester County labor contracts, union leaders are paid through their job positions, but don’t actually do those jobs because they are allowed to fulltime on union business.  CSEA has more than 3,000 workers in Westchester County government.

So it turns out that O’Connor decided that Pecora’s job – which she was authorized not to perform because she was acting as CSEA president – was eliminated because the department was doing fine without Pecora showing up in Mount Kisco.

Emphasis mine.

It is hard to decide what is more outrageous. That Unions actually bargain for their union chiefs to hold jobs, get paid for those jobs but do not have to actually do the work, or that companies, counties or states actually allow themselves to make a deal which allows that.

Unions wonder why businesses and counties are becoming "anti-union?"