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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

VIDEO- Rick Perry: Proven Leadership

Best campaign video yet, provided by

H/T TeamRickPerry@Twitter.

[Update] Via ABC's The Note:

The video, called “Rick Perry – Proven Leadership,” dramatically juxtaposes Obama’s speeches on the economy against statistics and soundbites from news clips, and at one point even calls Obama “President Zero.”

The campaign video then turns to Perry, touting his ability to “get America working again,” and uses a speech in which he says, “We don’t need a president who apologizes for America. I believe in America. I believe in her purpose and her promise. I believe her best days have not yet been led. I believe her greatest deeds are reserved for the generations to come, and with the help and the courage of the American people, we will get our country working again.”

Text appears on the screen that reads “In 2012 … America will discover … a new name for leadership … an American … who served for freedom … a president … who will lead a nation.”


The first forty seconds of the ad go to Barack Obama, the “Zero President” — zero jobs, zero confidence, zero hope, zero change, etc. The attack juxtaposes images of an abandon nation of crumbling billboards and and increasingly urgent news casts reporting high poverty rates against Obama’s assurance that, “I’m just getting started.”

Then all goes quiet and “In 2012″ flashes across the screen.

Things brighten: there are wild horses, paparazzi flashes, and the world is again populated with healthy looking children. There is a shot of him in his Air Force jump suit, and images of him shaking hands with workers across the country. ”I believe in America,” he says, implying better days ahead. “I believe in her purpose and promise.”