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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kathleen Parker's GOP Pop Quiz

An interesting op-ed over at Washington Post by Kathleen Parker. Snarky, but she makes a couple good points which has certain liberals howling.

GOP pop quiz: With whom would you rather roll your dice — a Harvard lawyer who wants government to bankroll jobs through higher taxes? Or a Texas A&M grad/Air Force pilot who has successfully run one of the largest states in the country?

Later she goes on to explain why many people prefer the latter rather than the former.

This doesn’t mean they’re right about everything or even most things. But they’re smart enough to know that most people in this country didn’t go to Ivy League colleges — or any college for that matter. Most haven’t led privileged lives of any sort, but nonetheless have unspoiled hearts and are willing to help any who would help themselves.

Obama was a novelty for some people in 2008. A man without any executive experience, who had never run a company or anything for that matter, but was likable and gave a damn good speech.

Now Obama has a record and the more people see of him, hear him, watch him... the more his polling numbers dwindle.

Novelties aside, people would generally rather vote for someone they can identify with than someone they cannot. There is a huge difference between someone that has book smarts and someone that has street smarts.

Book smarts will tell a person how something might work, in theory because it seems logical. Street smarts tells a person what does work from hard earned experience.

Parker makes another point that seems to have gotten lost in politics today:

This is the essence of the so-called ordinary American. Self-reliant, individualistic, entrepreneurial, neighborly and strong. These people come in both Republican and Democratic flavors, though we’ve somehow lost sight of that in these hyperpartisan, sound-bite times.

Until someone emerges to remind Americans of who they are in a way that neither insults their intelligence nor condescends to their less-fortunate circumstances, smart money goes to the “stupid” politicians, who are dumb as foxes and happy as clams when their opponents misunderestimate them

Ordinary Americans do favor personal responsibility aka self-reliance, yet progressive liberals hiding under the unbrella of "Democrats", like Barack Obama, would rather encourage individuals to rely on the government more and more and less on themselves.

Ordinary Americans do favor being individualistic, yet Obama and liberals would rather screech about "common good".

Ordinary Americans are entrepreneurial, neighborly and strong, yet we have an Obama administration, backed by hard core far left progressive liberals, that would choke that entrepreneurial spirit and over-regulate and over-tax small businesses to the point where they are strangling growth.

Rather than neighborly and strong, Obama/liberals would prefer to force those that would offer help willingly into helping those who the government determines needs help instead of allowing them to help those they wish to help.

She is right that someone does need to emerge, but what needs to be shown is that far left liberals do not represent the majority of the Democratic party, they simply yell the loudest and drown out the moderates whom the so the so-called ordinary Americans could identify with.

There is a difference between progressive liberals and Democrats, the problem is, ordinary Americans cannot see the difference anymore because one group yells louder than the other.