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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama Tells Blacks To 'Stop Complainin': Has He Lost His Mind?

By Susan Duclos

"Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'. We are going to press on. We have work to do."--- Barack Obama at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards in Washington Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011

Yeah, he did. He went there. (Video here)

Has he lost his ever-loving mind?

Black unemployment is at the highest it has been in 27 years with a 16.7 percent unemployment rate and Barack Obama tells them to "stop complainin', stop grumblin' and stop cryin'?

Graph from CNN Money

In 2008, according to exit polls, 96 percent of black voters supported Barack Obama.

At a time when Obama has lost support in every voting bloc demographic, including African-Americans, in fact, going from 83 percent support five months ago to 58 percent support among that same voting bloc (Via Washington Post-ABC news poll ), Obama dares tell them to "stop cryin'?"

New cracks have begun to show in President Obama’s support amongst African Americans, who have been his strongest supporters. Five months ago, 83 percent of African Americans held “strongly favorable” views of Obama, but in a new Washington Post-ABC news poll that number has dropped to 58 percent. That drop is similar to slipping support for Obama among all groups.

“There is a certain amount of racial loyalty and party loyalty, but eventually that was going to have to weaken,” said Andra Gillespie, a political scientist at Emory University, who studies African Americans. “It’s understandable given the economy.”

Obama is now showing a majority of Americans disapproving of his job performance, on average, so does he really have room to alienate a demographic that is still has a higher approval for him than disapproval?

I understand he is trying to push his tax increase plan which he tries to pass off as a jobs plan, but which fact checkers have found his speech announcing said plan to be misleading and outright lies. Hence his wanting to pressure Congress to pass it fast before people got a chance to learn what is in it.

Today I see articles from New York Times and The New Republic, one asking "Whatever Happened to the American Left?" and the other attempting to explain "How Democrats Are Losing the Political Center."

Whole articles on each topic, yet the answer seems very clear to those of us not suffering buyer's remorse because we didn't "buy in" to the rhetoric and promises of Barack Obama to begin with.

The American left is now being associated with Obama's far left progressive, failed policies and they are losing the political center because Obama is the face of the Democrats and the political center sees him as far more liberal than they are.

That is not just this conservative blogger's opinion, that is by the numbers.

In 2009 Gallup found that more Americans found the Democratic party as "too liberal" (46 percent). In 2010 Gallup found that number was up to 49 percent.

That is using a sample of "Americans." Rasmussen, sampling "likely voters" in June of 2011, finds that 54 percent of Likely U.S. Voters think Obama is more ideologically liberal than they are, while only 13% view him as more conservative and 24 percent say their political views are about the same as the president's.

Top that off with a CNN poll from July of 2011 in which CNN Polling Director Keating Holland says "Thirty-eight percent say they disapprove because President Obama has been too liberal, but 13 percent say they disapprove of Obama because he has not been liberal enough."

Democrats, 3-to-1 are finding Barack Obama to be too liberal.

With all this discontent, with all the eroding support Obama is seeing from every voting bloc, he actually has the nerve to tell one of his most loyal demographics to "stop complainin', stop grumblin' and stop cryin'....... and people wonder why he is losing the center? Losing the messaging? Losing support?

Perhaps Obama should take a look in the mirror and start understanding that his liberal policies, agenda and his far left liberal progressive base is pulling him over the cliff.