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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remember The Cupcake Pricing By Race Story? Well Liberal Protesters Made The Bake Sale Planner's Point!!

By Susan Duclos

The other day I wrote about a bake sale which was planned by Campus Republicans at the University of California Berkeley as a statement/protest event to California legislation (SB 185) that would let the California universities consider race or national origin during the admission process.

Zombie over at Pajamas Media attended the event and came away with awesome pictures, video and descriptions of today's activities.

The U.C. Berkeley College Republicans struck a national nerve today by holding a bake sale with racially discriminatory pricing: Higher prices for white and Asian students, lower prices for black, Hispanic and female students. Why the intentional discrimination? To protest a pending new statewide law, SB 185, which attempts to re-introduce Affirmative Action into university admission standards, something that was banned years ago with California’s Proposition 209, a popular constitutional amendment requiring race-neutral admissions.

The purposely inflammatory gag was very clever: the goal was to make everyone point out how racist the cupcake prices were, at which point the young Republicans reply, “Exactly! Racial discrimination is unfair. Thanks for making our point for us!”

But the leftists on campus and around the state instead flew into a blind rage: The joke was too effective, so Affirmative Action proponents simply pretended to “not get it.” Accusations of racism flew back and forth and before anyone knew it we had a major FUBAR situation on our hands.

Zombie did the heavy lifting by taking and publishing all the pictures and stuff, so please head over there and look through all of them.... there are a lot!!

The liberals on campus played right into the event planner's hands and made the point for them.

The Campus Republicans deserve a round of applause, they sold their cupcakes, they forced the protesters to make their point for them and they put a spotlight on the legislation in question.

A job well done.