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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Attack Watch....

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Hat Tip to TexasFred

I found this at Texas Fred's.  20 simple questions to ask AttackWatch or #AttackWatch.  The questions will never be answered with the truth, for Barack Hussein Obama doesn't want you to know the truth.
Let’s a play a little game of 20 QUESTIONS…


2. Is it okay for you to have members of the New Black Panthers standing outside voting centers in full camouflage gear threatening whites with baseball bats and night sticks?

3. Is it also okay for you to have ACORN register dead people to vote and automatically submit them as democrat voters?

4. Is it also okay for you to flat out LIE to the American people 7 TIMES in the first two minutes of your acceptance speech the night that you was so-called “elected”?

5. Is it also okay for you to have Congress vote on and pass a healthcare bill IN THE DARK OF NIGHT that over half the country DIDN’T want shoved down their throats? You need to know that this WILL ultimately be proven unconstitutional…..maybe you didn’t hear, but government CANNOT FORCE it’s citizens to purchase a government subsidized good or service.

6. Is it also okay for you to push California to pass the Dream Act so that he has more voters on his side for the election next year because he bought them all off with FREE healthcare, FREE housing, FREE food, FREE education, FREE EVERYTHING?

7. Is it also okay that you failed to acquire, let alone EVEN ASK FOR, congressional approval for a meaningless one-sided war in Libya? By the way, Bush asked for and received congressional approval for the war in Iraq….his request WAS met with some differences of opinion, but HE DID ASK…..YOU DID NOT.

8. While we’re on the subject, why do you continuously run to the UN every time you have a problem? This country is NOT run by the UN….we are a SOVERIEGN NATION that governs itself…..maybe they didn’t teach you that in American History. OH, MY BAD!! I forgot….you went to school in INDONESIA!!

9. Is it okay that when a UNION THUG like Jimmy Hoffa literally threatens a group of people in a warm-up speech for the President, that President (YOU) remains silent and doesn’t strike that UNION THUG’S comments down in some kind of response? Pardon me, but I’ve lived in this country my ENTIRE LIFE….I’m pretty darn certain that EVERYTHING in Hoffa’s speech was gone over with a fine tooth comb…do you REALLY think we are THAT STUPID?

10. Why is it that you can’t simply produce your actual long form birth certificate? Anybody that applies for a job in this country needs to provide several different forms of ID. I would think that someone who wants to be PRESIDENT would be scrutinized down to the very last letter of the alphabet.

11. Where are the college transcripts from Harvard and Occidental? They were probably burned right along with the B.C., huh?

12. How can you call yourself a Christian when you don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter, but yet you recognize and celebrate the MUSLIM holy month of Ramadan?

13. Why is that you CONTINUOUSLY apologize for our status as a Superpower Nation?

14. Why do you bow down to foreign leaders?

15. Why do you try and make a toast when God Save The Queen is being played?

16. Why did you REALLY close that Boeing plant in South Carolina?

Let’s talk about your wife for a moment…..

17. Is it okay that she goes on vacations left and right on the taxpayers dime, of which she spent $10 MILLION??

18. Is it also okay that your wife can eat burgers and fries, while at the same time, telling us Americans to eat more veggies and make their portions smaller?

19. Is it also okay for that same UNPATRIOTIC wife to disrespect the American flag at Ground Zero on 9/11/11?

20. Is it also okay for YOU to ask AMERICAN CITIZENS to rat out their own neighbors if they happen to say something negative about the President?

I have NEVER supported you from day one and do not have even a bit of an inkling of support for you now….nor will I ever. I will say though, that I recognize and have full respect for the OFFICE that you currently hold. That doesn’t mean that I need to respect the person that holds the office of POTUS. Remember, they are two VERY different things. You will NEVER have my respect for you as a person. How can I be expected to respect someone that disrespects our Constitution?

Trust me when I say that we Conservatives do NOT fear this new “snitcher site” of yours one tiny bit. This site has now made you THE laughingstock of the internet and believe me….WE ARE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR & LAUGHING OVER THIS!! It’s actually quite humorous, if you haven’t figured that out by now when taking in all of the Twitter posts that have been made since your little site started up. You are only giving us MORE firepower against you every single day.

We are not a people of violence….unless YOU DECIDE to make us resort to such. This site you’ve created only proves just how desperate and paranoid you really are. Why don’t you just give it up and surrender already? Just sayin.

It is time to tell the POTUS that these Gestapo tactics are not respectable in this nation!

Feel free to "steal" this post.  The more Conservatives who read this means the more who will fight this.