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Thursday, September 08, 2011

GOP Debate Linkfest From September 7, 2011

Fixing up some computer glitches today but wanted to provide some links to analysis, opinions and news from yesterday's Republican debate held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.

New York Times provides the entire transcript for those who want to read the questions and answers for yourselves instead of media and bloggers opinions.

Ann Althouse live blogged the debate so for as it happened reactions, visit her site.

Since the GOP debate is focused mainly towards conservatives and geared to helping them choose who will be the GOP nominee to run against Barack Obama in 2012, it will be links to conservatives and their opinions I will be pointing to.

RedState has "Perry vs. Romney" and concludes that Rick Perry is still the front runner in the GOP field of candidates after his performance in last night's debate.

Robert Stacy McCain over at RightWing News headlines with "Gov. Benzene: Huntsman a ‘Green’ Phony."

Stanley Kurtz at NRO hands the debate squarely to Rick Perry while pointing out the potential problems Perry will be faced with going forward.

QandO echoes much of what I am seeing from conservatives around the blogosphere and in the media, with "The Republican Debate–then there were two,", meaning Romney and Perry. The rest are in the race but at the moment they seem to be no more than background noise.

Kevin McCullough over at Hot Air's Green Room calls it "Rick Perry’s BIG Win!"

Bryan Preson at PJ Tatler scores the debate for Perry as well.

It is a two man race at this point and I also think Perry deserves the leader of the pack status. Romney appears too practiced, to smarmy at times, while Perry showed a very different side to himself. During his campaign stops Perry has often shot from the hip, doesn't worry about politically correct wording, but in last night's debate he obviously thought about his answers and would stop and carefully word them as to not allow himself to be misquoted or his answers misrepresented.

Many love the shoot from the hip style but also want their leader to know what time and place that style is appropriate and when it is not.

I did not specify answers and questions because there is a link above to the entire transcript and those that did not see the debate but want to know where candidates stand on issues, should read those answers for themselves, not depend on me or anyone else to tell them how to "interpret" them.


WSJ with "Why They Cheered."