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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why The Young Isn't Helping Obama With Obamacare

The Washington Post lists a couple reasons as to why the younger Obama supporters, who helped get him elected, has been quiet on the issue of healthcare aka Obamacare, but they ignore one glaring reason.


Younger people are generally healthier and rely on less medical care, particularly young working men who make up the largest group that goes voluntarily without health insurance. They also are less likely to be as vocal at contentious town halls; many are either working or in school during the daytime forums.

Despite Obama's attempts at getting the younger crowd to become active, as the elderly already is in opposition to Obamacare, birds are chirping from that quarter.

Perhaps other reasons comes into play here.

How about the fact that it is the younger supporters who will be stuck with the, just upped, deficit that Obama has already created over the long term, or how about the fact that the younger, technical savvy crowd has the potential to become some of the richest people around and might not exactly be thrilled to learn that they will be paying for everyone else.

Or maybe it could be the disappointment being shown from liberals about Obama's broken promises.

Who knows, but I find the Washington Post writer didn't delve into the myriad of reasons it could be and simply blamed general good health and busy schedules.