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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Republicans Trusted More Than Democrats On Healthcare

The tide has certainly turned in less than a year as Democrats from the White House down has wasted their polling leads.


For the first time in over two years of polling, voters trust Republicans slightly more than Democrats on the handling of the issue of health care. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that voters favor the GOP on the issue 44% to 41%.

It isn't a large lead, yet, but considering that for two years Democrats have held a strong lead on this issue, Obamacare and their sloppy handling of it, has not only negated the lead but turned it around.

Democrats held a four-point lead on the issue last month and a 10-point lead in June. For most of the past two years, more than 50% of voters said they trusted Democrats on health care. The latest results mark the lowest level of support measured for the party on the now-contentious issue.

Public support for the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low with just 42% of U.S. voters now in favor of it. That’s down five points from two weeks ago and down eight points from six weeks ago.

Byron York has a piece I saw yesterday stating the Republicans are thinking the unthinkable, meaning large victories for House and Senate seats in 2010, and while he thinks the GOP may take enough seats to hold majority in one house or another, I am less optimistic, although I do think the GOP stands a good chance of evening up the numbers a bit.

Political capital such as the Democrats had going into the presidential election is not easy to come by and Pelosi, Reid and Obama himself has squandered it with their bailouts, their strong arm tactics and their rush to pass legislation before the American people became fully aware of the ramifications of some bills.

The trust in Democrats is eroding and I expect these numbers to keep dwindling on the issue of trust.


The August vacation for congress has been an eye opener for many Democrats finally we are starting to see them jumping off the sinking ship that is Obamacare.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D. presented his cooperative health care proposal here Thursday and told an audience of 100 that he would not vote for a government-run health care program.

Expect to see more of this.