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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah Palin In Demand

A women who is either loved or hated with not much in between. The far right loves her, the far left despises her and yet The Politico reports that since she has resigned from her office as Governor of Alaska, she has received 1,070 invitations for "paid speeches and political appearances."

Twenty speakers’ bureaus made offers to represent her. She has signed with Washington Speakers Bureau, which represents everyone from George and Laura Bush to Bob Woodward and Katie Couric to Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani.

More than 950 requests for speeches have poured in for Palin, and over 120 candidates for office have asked her to appear, including folks running for Senate, House and state Legislature, aides said.

Palin will be doing both paid speeches, which are expected to go for six figures apiece, and unpaid speeches for political and charitable causes, including Christian organizations, groups that support families with special-needs children and military families.

Palin has made no commitments so far, and Washington Speakers Bureau will start responding to the invitations this week.

Political Wire points out that those do not even include the business opportunities:

She's also about 85% finished with her book, due out this spring from HarperCollins. "Then she'll begin looking through the inch-and-a-half-thick file her lawyer, Robert Barnett, has built of offers for network and cable pundit gigs, documentaries and business opportunities."

I wonder if the far far liberal left has a clue as to how their vitriolic actions made Sarah Palin as in demand as she is?

Ironic huh?