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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Some Background
The core groups behind the Tax Day Tea Party, joined by a plethora of liberty movement minded organizations, coalitions and grassroots groups, are once again working together in a unified effort for freedom.

The initial project, as most Americans know, helped organize the April 15th, Tax Day Tea Party effort that resulted in a day of rallies in more than 835 cities across all 50 states. The website witnessed more than 1.7 MILLION unique visits in less than six weeks.

This success was only possible because of a coalition of groups and Americans working towards the same goal in a collaborative and unified effort....

The current administration and congress has intensified the attacks on the foundation of America. First it was the wildly irresponsible “Stimulus Package” that only “stimulated” the pockets of special interest groups… all at the expense of the taxpayers.

Then came the constant nationalizing of the private industry and the declaration of war against the free-market system and private business.

The final blow appears to be in the form of fully socialized healthcare. If passed, we believe this legislation will create problems that are virtually impossible to fix. We also believe that if this legislation is passed, the private industry and small businesses of America will face certain death in the very near future.

This is unacceptable....(my emphasis)

If all of what is happening in America today is unacceptable to you, go to the Recess Rally website, and see what is going on in YOUR state.

NOW is the time for all Americans to stand up and be counted. Go HERE.

God Bless America.