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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ronald Bailey Takes Erza Klein To The Workshed

I seriously didn't expect what I saw when I clicked on this Reason piece.

Quick recap to catch folks up.

Krauthammer makes a prediction on how Obamacare will eventually play out on the op/ed pages of Washington Post and Klein takes to those same pages showing his skewered definition of what "rationing" means.

Enter Bailey over at Reason, who quickly explains the concept to Klein in simple words even he should be able to understand.

Like most left-leaning folks, Klein clearly doesn't know the definition of rationing. Take this one from Britannica:

Government allocation of scarce resources and consumer goods, usually adopted during wars, famines, or other national emergencies.

Klein evidently thinks that market outcomes that he dislikes mean that government should step in and impose outcomes that he does like. All right, let's admit it; the health insurance market and the rest of health care are royally screwed up as a result of decades of government interventions and mandates. Consequently we don't actually find the usual benefits of falling prices and improving products and services that we experience in normally operating markets where robust competition and choice reign.

Bailey finishes his spanking of Klein with this:

But through the usual leftwing lack of imagination and a truly touching and naive faith in the efficacy of top/down government "solutions," Klein ends up advocating for government rationing and for imposing a government monopoly on health care, instead of for more competition and choice.

Kinda caught my funny bone, so there it is.