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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Palin's Original Remarks on Death Panels did not include End of Life Care

The verbal tennis match regarding H. R 3200, or Obamacare, has lead to confusion amongst American citizens. The most recent round concerns Palin, Obama, and "Death Panels." Which leaves citizens asking," What are the facts?"

After weeks of discussion it seems the provisions of what is now labeled as “Obamacare” are still relatively mysterious to the population. The 1000+ page bill titled H.R. 3200 has been confusing citizen and public servant alike, but this confusion has not stopped the obfuscation of facts where punditry is concerned.

The most recent and widely publicized debate surrounding “Obamacare” involves accusations made by Sarah Palin on August 7 that H.R. 3200 afforded the opportunity for Death Panels. Her reasoning centered on President Obama’s Health Advisor, Ezekiel Emanuel and statements he made in a pamphlet concerning rationing health care in times of limited resources.

In response to her Facebook “Death Panel” statement, Barack Obama and progressive pundits stated that Sarah Palin was in deliberate use of scare tactics over a 10 page portion of the bill which laid out plans for end of life care discussion between physician and patient.

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