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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sarah Palin Rumor Mill Strikes Again With Divorce Rumors

During the presidential campaign season we saw the media and the left go into a frenzy with rumors, speculations and outright lies, told, repeated, refuted and proven wrong.

Anyone remember the infamous "Trig isn't really hers but is really her daughters?" That was one of the most vicious lies that in some blogs, is still being perpetuated today.

Liberal bloggers and media have continued their frenzy and the latest so-called news started with a blog and was followed up with Alaska Report, claiming Sarah Palin and her husband Todd are divorcing.

Stacy McCain spoke to Palin or a spokesperson, who refutes that one clearly.

"Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I'm not blind!"

Yes, that is her OFFICIAL reponse, which I got via phone at 5:35 this afternoon. Take that to the bank.

Conservatives4Palin brings up more of the most recent rumors:

UPDATE by RAM: So, let me understand the "story" according to Zaki and other "journalists"...

At the beginning of the month, Zaki reported that Gov. Palin was being investigated by the FBI and was going to jail. That turned out to be false. Last week, the ADN reported that Gov. Palin was moving to the Hamptons. That turned out to be false. Today, Zaki reports that Gov. Palin is moving to Montana after throwing her wedding ring into Lake Lucille. That turns out to be false.

Right Wing Nut House wonders if this wasn't an intentional set-up to make the media look stupid, his piece titled "DID SARAH PALIN JUST PWN THE MEDIA WITH DIVORCE RUMORS?"

The Politico points to a response on Palin's Facebook page:

“Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story,” wrote Meg Stapleton on Palin’s Facebook page. “There is no truth to the recent ‘story’ (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).”

The far left, most having shown complete, unmitigated hatred toward Palin since John McCain chose her as his running mate, bought the whole thing, hook, line and sinker.

The Reclusive Left calls the original reporting blog as well as those that jumped on the bandwagon without waiting for verification of some sort, stalkers.... kind of fits, they certainly passed the point of creepy, months ago.


Except that it doesn’t seem to be true. (Edited to add: That link originally went to a CBS report, but it looks like CBS has now taken down the page — in embarrassment for even covering the story? So here’s a link to The Swamp instead.) It took me about 10 seconds of digging to discover that this whole divorce thing is a rumor started by one of the Palin stalker blogs. A handful of other Palin stalker blogs echoed the story, and the next thing you know it’s on CBS and at the top of Memeorandum.

Couple of things:

  1. Is there any limit to what the Palin stalker blogs can pass off as news? I’m guessing “Todd Palin in Satanic baby-sacrificing cult” wouldn’t fly, but I’m not sure where the line is.
  2. Can we just think about the fact that there is such a thing as Palin stalker blogs?

Looking at Memeorandum today, we see that once again, Sarah Palin dominates the news cycle.

Once again, the story that wasn't.