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Monday, February 09, 2009

Wapo Writer Wants Government To Regulate Talk Radio

Conservative talk radio has done better than liberal talk radio consistently with shows like conservative radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh becoming more and more popular and liberal stations such as Air America going broke and still having a hard time keeping listeners.

People have a variety to choose from and generally make that choice according towhat they enjoy listening to.

Wapo writer, Bill Press, seems to have a problem with Americans have freedom of choice and believes talk radio should be government regulated.

Unhappy over the collapse of Washington's ratings-challenged OBAMA 1260-AM, resulting in a format change that's expected tomorrow, Press is decrying the overwhelmingly-conservative state of talk radio, both locally and nationally.

Using rhetoric similar to Obamists who are pushing for a government-led free speech crackdown, he claims the airwaves lack "diversity" because commercial talk leans to the right. Not mentioned in the piece is the apparently-secret existence of NPR, where Obama is seemingly revered as god-like on a daily basis.

Seems freedom of choice should only be allowed to Americans if they "choose" to listen to people acceptable to Press and other Democrats that like to push their so-called fairness doctrine.

Read the full Radio Equalizer piece, they provide some examples and background.