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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama Admits To Screwing Up

Obama's choices have been rife with people that have serious problems with ethics considering the positions he has chosen them for, the latest being Tom Daschle who withdrew his name from the nomination for secretary of health and human services.

Daschle did so after Barack Obama defended him (video clip at that link) and now Obama admits "he screwed up."

“I screwed up,” President Barack Obama told NBC’s Brian Williams Tuesday in the wake of his nominee to be secretary of health and human services, Tom Daschle, withdrawing his name from consideration.

Daschle dropped out after acknowledging that he had belatedly paid more than $128,000 in taxes owed to the federal government.

“Today was an embarrassment for us,” Obama said. He said he was “angry,” “disappointed” and “frustrated with myself” over the Daschle episode.

Presidents are human beings and Obama admits to making a mistake and also says he is sure to make more, but this soon after his taking the position, it seems he has made more than his share already with his choices, especially since Daschle is not the first to withdraw their name from a position Obama picked them for because he did not do his due diligence in researching his choices.

Obama's is showing some very bad judgment in his choices, does anyone really think he will show better judgment in more serious areas?

I don't....this is representative of everything we spoke about before the election, his judgment about Jeremiah Wright, his lack of judgment with William Ayers, Tony Rezko and the list goes on and on.

Well America, we got what we asked for....