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Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome To The Revolution- No Term Limits For Chavez

In Venezuela, with 94 percent of the votes counted, 54 percent of them went toward removing term limits which President Hugo Chavez is calling a mandate for socialism.

"Those who voted "yes" today voted for socialism, for revolution," Chavez thundered to thousands of ecstatic supporters jamming the streets around the presidential palace. Fireworks lit up the Caracas skyline, and one man walked though the crowd carrying a painting of Chavez that read: "Forever."

Josefa Dugarte stared at the crowd from the stoop of her apartment building with look of dismay.

This vote will allow all public officials to run for reelection as many times as they want.

"Effectively this will become a dictatorship," opposition leader Omar Barboza told The Associated Press. "It's control of all the powers, lack of separation of powers, unscrupulous use of state resources, persecution of adversaries."

Welcome to Hugo's revolution.