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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hitler Hypocrisy On The Left

Some things are so hypocritical the stupidity of them have to be highlighted, spotlighted and shown far and wide and Michelle Malkin has the perfect example of such hypocrisy shown by the left these days.

Remember how many times the left compared Bush to Hitler?

Reminder for those in denial comes from Riehl World View:

Domain specific advanced search for Nazi Mr. Google if you please? What's that? 5090 hits you say? They've called everyone from the Pope, to Rick Warren, to Hannity and Bush a Nazi in headlines at "over-rated and increasingly rudderless" (according to Time) blog DailyKos.

So, everyone can be called a Nazi or compared to Hitler by the far left, EXCEPT Barack Obama, oh no, heaven save us, if someone dares call Obama a nazi or compares him to Hitler.... the world just might end.

So, Malkin had a picture taken where she was sitting next to someone had a sign saying “Obama”, with a swasticka inside the O and the nutty roots are having a cow over it and thinks she shoud be fired!!!!!!!!

The hypocrisy on the left is your ridiculous item for the day, now, back to regularly scheduled programming..............