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Friday, February 27, 2009

John Bolton At CPAC

John Bolton, former UN Ambassador, made some comments at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)that has the left, once again, up in arms.

"The fact is on foreign policy I don't think President Obama thinks it's a priority," said Bolton. "He said during the campaign he thought Iran was a tiny threat. Tiny, tiny depending on how many nuclear weapons they are ultimately able to deliver on target. Its, uh, its tiny compared to the Soviet Union, but is the loss of one American city" – here Bolton shrugged his shoulders impishly – "pick one at random – Chicago – is that a tiny threat?"

Evidently, from the piece done about this, the room erupted in laughter after he said that.

Video of his comments at YouTube and shown below:

It is obvious that Bolton was not suggesting Chicago be nuked, nor advocating doing so, but was simply using Chicago as an example.

Yet, the left in typical fashion headlines with things like "John Bolton jokes about nuking Chicago, entire CPAC audience erupts in laughter" and "John Bolton at CPAC: The Benefits of Nuking Chicago," and even this not-so-brght headline from Americablog "Bush UN ambassador jokes about nuking Chicago since Obama is from there."

The audience seemed to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, which makes one wonder if liberals ever have a sense of humor at all and if they understand what the word humor even means.