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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Gang Capital" of Canada welcomes the Olympics!

*cross-posted from Assoluta Tranquillita*

Last week I mentioned in a chat-room, that this world class city I live in has lately been the scene of more than a few gangland style murders and shootings. In the last 15 days, there have been 11 such events, one of which was in my local grocery store parking lot.

Yesterday, a botched "home invasion," in another neighbourhood, was the scene of the latest murder. And just the day before that, a 23 year old mother was shot and killed as she drove a suburban highway. Her 4 year old child in the back seat was not harmed (well, not physically.) Oh, but an irony? According to reports, two main gangs are involved: United Nations and Red Scorpion. Bad choice of names of that first one, don't you agree?

I got to thinking about the upcoming Olympics. You probably all know that we have strict gun laws here. It seems only the criminals can get their hands on lethal weapons. As each new shooting is reported, various politicians go before the cameras and lament the carnage on our streets. Amid the wringing of hands, and expressions of shock, solutions of more police hired, and tougher sentencing etc etc..

Thinking ahead, I have been wondering how having a police officer on every block, or the threat of stiffer sentences of the gun-toting thugs (if they are caught, which is a long shot - pun intended) might affect the overall Olympics 'spirit'.

So far, amid all the backroom deals costing more than a gazillion dollars, the actual cost of security for Canada's 2010 Olympics has not been revealed. We DO know that the military will be here (I should stock up on SA pins maybe?) and that various police and emergency forces have been going through their paces.

But if any of you are coming this way, maybe include a kevlar vest in your luggage. Oh, and include an extra one for me too, please.

Extra police officers hired: mega bucks
Kevlar vest: US $399.99 (+ tax)
Personal military bodyguard (if also a medic - bonus!!!)$$$ 'negotiable'
Sense of Security: PRICELESS

Just sayin'.