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Thursday, October 02, 2014

"They Fear What Is Coming" - Dave Hodges Exclusive

By Susan Duclos and Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

My partner Live Free or Die and myself were granted the opportunity to speak with Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show on disturbing information he has uncovered about a number of topics which include, but are not limited to; bioterrorism, self-sustaining communities that have been set up for when SHTF for members of a variety of alphabet soup agencies who are "retiring" and bugging out, mass pandemics, martial law and a third world war.

We began by asking Dave about a recent article he wrote entitled "When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention," where he explains what his sources have been telling him, how it is time to "stop warning the people, because it is time to start hiding from the wrong people," stating that these high level sources "fear what is coming" and there is "no turning back." Things that are so horrific and so terrible, one cannot imagine them, planned mass pandemics, terrorism, and martial law.

Dave also explains a quote from that same article about the "train has its final destination and there is no stopping it," and when asked about the that final destination, he points to Steve Quayle's book Xenogenesis,  and what the final step will be, which details the "endgame" in terrifying detail and Dave states it will be "hell on earth for those that survive."

We move along to another article discussing "false flag cocktails" and fascinating information Dave uncovered about Ebola, vaccines which will become "mandatory," the connections to Bill Gates and more, then he directs us to what we see happening in west Africa where two million people were put into medical lockdown, the healthy locked in with the infected and asks us to imagine that in the US, where millions own guns and states "it's going to get really ugly."

Other topics include Washington DC, NSA moving to Utah and CIA moving to Denver and the reasons why, the release of foreign troops, kill squads, and US bio weapons with Dave finally pointing out that we have "earned what we've got," because the psychopaths that run our world are a reflection of us.... we accept leadership like this and accept their values.

At the end of the interview, Dave gives us a sneak peak into his new article, which is a must read and can be found over at The Common Sense Show.