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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interview That Changes Everything – Dallas Ebola Nurse Speaks Out!

By Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

The video below was released minutes ago by kxan and features an interview called by NBC reporter Eric King: “The #dallasebola interview that changes everything.”

Dallas nurse Briana Aguirre joins the Today Show and shocks by giving us the behind the scenes actions that played out in the treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan, events that will leave every American who is paying attention to this unfolding nightmare scenario dumbfounded.

We have a large, wonderful facility…and I watched them violate basic principles of nursing,” Aguirre told TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview that aired Thursday. “I expected more out of us.” 

‘We never talked about Ebola and we probably should have,’ [Aguirre] said. Instead, ‘they gave us an optional seminar to go to. Just informational, not hands on. It wasn’t even suggested we go … We were never told what to look for.’”