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Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Absolute Zero" - Is This Is What They Have Been Preparing Us For?

By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLine

I have to admit, this truly creeped me out!

Do you believe in "predictive programming," and the theory that TPTB use the media, video games, novels, movies and television to prepare the masses for what is coming? If you don't, then after this article, with associated links and videos below..... you may just become a believer.

Conspiracy sites are highlighting a book called "Absolute Zero," written in 1999 about an "African man" carrying Ebola "arrived unhindered in Dallas"  and experts assure the public there is no cause to fear. Sound familiar?

Via the Amazon description of the book:

Absolute Zero is the tale of an attack on America, of an unlikely hero who saved millions. One man, his life as ordinary as any among us, did something he could never have anticipated, something he never intended. It is a cautionary tale for those who believe that biological weapons are unlikely to be used here. Pray that it never comes to pass.

Had it been this one book, this one example, we could easily chalk it up to coincidence...... but it isn't just one, there are many examples, from Tom Clancy's "The Division" E3 official trailer (2nd video below), to the Bing Bang Theory talking about mixing Ebola with the common cold (3rd video below- also discussed in an article here).

Those are just a small sample of what appears to be an attempt to prepare the public for what we are watching play out in the headlines today, which brings about the obvious question of whether we are deliberately being led to the slaughter, insidiously having scenarios planted into our heads where we would find it natural to accept the unacceptable, believe the unbelievable, and blindly follow whatever agenda they have so carefully crafted.