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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Dr. Jim Willie: "Shock And Awe Coming"

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Dr. Jim Willie joins Paul Sandhu where he drops a number of bombshells, including China's plans for a "nasty Eastern trigger event,"  as he informs listeners that "shock and awe" is coming  and will "soon hit the Gold and Silver markets." Willie also addresses the Ebola crisis being seen across not only west Africa but in Spain and other countries, where he states "They’re bringing out some of their ugliest weapons right now. They’re also bringing out their viruses… This is a fabricated laboratory based virus that’s a new, improved virus as a weapon… and the patent is owned by the Atlanta Center For Disease Control."

Via the video details:

Dr. Jim Willie Editor of The Hat Trick Letter joins me to discuss big developments waiting in the wings for the US and Global Economy especially in regards to the repricing of Gold and Silver as alternatives to the US dollars System that currently dominates world trade.

This is more confirmation on how we have entered the "danger zone" as discussed by V The Guerrilla Economist on the Hagmann and Hagmann Show from Monday night, showing that those in the financial industry, like V and Willie, are all seeing the signs and sounding the alarm to what is happening with the US and global economy and how the events we are seeing across the world are directly related to the world economic crisis coming at us like a freight train.

From Dr. Jim Willie's website:

China plans to double gold price and disrupt FOREX derivatives in a nasty Eastern trigger event, German motive for repatriation gold request, GLD Fund hitting rock bottom of reality, BIS appeals for role with BRICS as junior partners (possibly water boys), the Gold metals mining industry to begin going off-line, where finally Shock & Awe soon is to hit the Gold & Silver markets.