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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…It Is Here! They Know More Than They’re Telling Us! Dallas Ebola News Conference – Read Between The Words!

By Live Free or Die, via All News PipeLine

Those who are paying close attention to the 2nd Ebola case just announced in Dallas point to the brand new video below and the remarks of Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins, who entered the home of Dallas Ebola victim Thomas Duncan UNPROTECTED, to warn that something much more can be learned in watching the body language, and listening to the fear in their voices, than we are being told in words. One comment from the thread.:

“Sometimes when you guys say someone looks frightened, I don’t see it. NOBODY could miss the terror in that man this morning.” (What do YOU think after watching video below?)

Jenkins joins the news conference at 2 minutes 10 seconds and proceeds to not only stumble over his words but appears to be ill, wiping his nose and appears to have a red rash visible on his face. As commenters mention, he appears to be in a state of shock! Listen to his words; this is a direct contrast to the somewhat cocky attitude he displayed just a week ago after visiting the Duncan family, totally unprotected.

With the admission that the latest Ebola patient in Dallas WAS wearing FULL protective gear and experts having NO IDEA how she contracted Ebola, are the words of Judge Jenkins (and later on Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings), signs that they know MUCH MORE about this Ebola outbreak in Texas then they’re telling us in words in the video below?