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Friday, June 06, 2014

Vision Of NYC Turned To Dust From Russian Invasion And War Within Christendom – Hagmann & Hagmann With Steve Quayle And Henry Gruver

By Susan Duclos

 A fascinating Hagmann and Hagmann show as they are joined by author and speaker Steve Quayle and evangelist Henry Gruver, where Gruver described his prophetic vision from 1986, to which current events indicate is almost at the hour of fulfillment.

 Gruver details Russian warships on the east coast of the US and the northwest Pacific coast, how he saw missiles "turn New York City to dust," and more that will send chills up your spine, especially when one considers how very close we are to the signs he saw so long ago that lead to his prophecy.

Quayle then provides further evidence of the prophetic nature of Gruver's vision, with updated information on the recent airport outages and military movements, all in the first hour of the show.

 Later in the show the discussion leads to the war within the Christian church, the "comfortable" apostasy and how the teachings by some church leaders are being altered from the teachings of old and now include a worldwide deception.

 This is a show that no one wants to miss.

Via Hagmann and Hagmann:

A battle is brewing within the Christian church. We can see it forming and rapidly accelerating today, as the true Christian doctrine is being altered into apostasy as many of our churches remain silent. As the world marches to a single point of governance, so too is the Christian church marching to a single point of leadership. That leadership, however, will not embrace the true and accurate teachings and doctrine of Jesus, but a “comfortable” apostasy that will include a worldwide deception. This is a battle not just of doctrine, but a battle for our very souls.