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Monday, June 16, 2014

ISIS Will Attack America Warns US Senator

By Susan Duclos

 By now everyone knows IRAQ is exploding in more violence and that the group named ISIS is responsible, claiming to have massacred over a thousand Iraqi soldiers and now we see a terrifying warning from US Senator John McCain, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, when he told Jeanine Pirro Saturday on her Fox News Program that ISIS will attack America.

The senator continued his call for a new national security team at the White House in light of the spiraling Iraqi developments.

"It has been a complete failure," said of Obama's foreign policy, especially since the president pulled out all U.S. troops in late 2011. "We could have left troops behind. We could have left them as we did in Japan. Germany, Bosnia. As we did in Korea as a stabilizing force.

"I predicted when he pulled them all out that it would be doomed to failure. I predicted it three times."

In the videos below, some very graphic (WARNING), we see exactly who and what ISIS is and they definitely have already warned they will "see you guys in New York."

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