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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It’s About To Get Much, Much Worse! FED Preps For Collapse

By Susan Duclos

 AMTV's Christopher Greene informs viewers that things are about to get "much, MUCH worse," as the FED prepares for economic collapse! Recent headlines about food prices soaring to "all time highs," with gas prices spiking to new highs, specifically six year seasonal highs, as the Federal Reserve continues with policies that are making the situation worse, not better, which Greene states is part of furthering the NWO agenda.

 Greene does a very good job explaining what is happening and how this is all about to implode, referring to what is coming as an "inflationary holocaust," in terms that those of us that are not financial gurus or accountants can easily understand.

The bottomline is our economy is falling apart. The schemes and manipulations that have managed to create an illusion of "recovery," are all coming unglued, and the higher these food and gas prices get, the harder it becomes for people to feed their families, the uglier this is all going to get.

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[Update] In this second newly released video TRUTH FED also discusses how bad things are about to get, titled "INFLATION ALERT..! -- Food, Gas, Electricity On The Rise And It's About to Get Even Worse."

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