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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rick Wiles TruNews: ‘It Kills Everybody’ Paul Craig Roberts On Nuclear War

By Susan Duclos

 TruNews' Rick Wiles is joined by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in a chilling discussion about how the entire world should be very disturbed over America's ideology of supremacy and the "first-strike" nuclear policy that has been in the news recently, reminding listeners that a nuclear strike would effect everyone, whether they were in the territory struck or not, because the result would be the same, radiation, nuclear winter and "it kills everybody."

 Roberts is the guest on the show for the first half, in the second half, Wiles welcomes awarding-winning geopolitical analyst, William Engdahl, to ask him "Why has the U.S. installed a pro-Nazi regime in the Ukraine and what is their endgame?"