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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nuke Attack On Israel & US Imminent?

By Susan Duclos

 Understand I am NOT comparing anyone to Hitler or the Nazis when I say this, but making the point that when madmen threatens to annihilate a group of people, the world should take note and make the appropriate preparations to deal with the possibility that the madmen will carry through their threats, especially those that have already proven how brutal they are.

 According to multiple reports, the group ISIS, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, claim to have access to nuclear weapons and are threatening to a nuclear strike on Israel.

“Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devices?” Lamb quoted the ISIS member as saying. “The Zionists know that we do, and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs, we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

ISIS access to nuclear weapons could come from Sunni Pakistan, which is home to more than 30 terrorist groups. Pakistan possibly has transferred nuclear weapons to the chief bankroller of its nuclear development program, Sunni Saudi Arabia, as WND previously has reported.

The Saudis, who also have provided billions of dollars to ISIS, have threatened to acquire nuclear weapons if Iran were to develop its own.

It is imperative to remember that these threats follow the last one where the leader of the ISIS group said "I'll see you in New York."

Israel isn't the only country that needs to be concerned about a nuclear attack coming. With our borders so wide open, any operative aka militant can simply waltz into America and wreak havoc. 

In the second video below we see that politicians are warning of a nuclear attack on America.

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