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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rick Wiles: Be On High Alert For Major Event! – TruNews

By Susan Duclos

 Rick Wiles has a blockbuster TruNews show today with an immediate warning to be on "high alert for a major event to happen soon," as he starts off his show with the news that NORAD has confirmed that Russian bombers came within 50 miles of the US West Coast.

 Wiles is then joined by Retired U.S. General Paul Vallely to discuss the Caliphate in Iraq where Gen. Vallely states bluntly that in his opinion Barack Obama is "clueless," on national security and he has clueless people working for him.

 Vallely then touches on the topic of the Russian bombers approaching the US so closely and his key quote is that "The Russians are playing hard ball and President Obama is playing Wiffle ball!"

 Vallely also slams Obama by stating that "everybody is testing us", finding out that "we can be pushed around," and know that we have a very "weak" government" and we are not the superpower we used to be.

 Then Wiles is joined by retired CIA special operations officer Clare Lopez and later in the show he is joined by Brandon Smith, who talks with Rick about the mysterious U.S. Treasury bond transactions in Belgium.

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