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Friday, June 27, 2014

Falkland Islands: UN sides with Argentina.....

*cross-posted by AuntyBrat @ Assoluta Tranquillita*

News that makes me say: WTHHHHHHH??? 

From the Independant out of the UK:

UN committee backs Argentina over Falkland Islands 

26 June 2014

A United Nations’ committee approved a new resolution calling on the UK and Argentina to negotiate a solution to their dispute over the Falkland Islands, essentially favouring Argentina's stance in the long-running feud.

The 24-nation Decolonization Committee passed the resolution by consensus despite passionate speeches from two Falkland Islands representatives who said most islanders wanted to keep things as they are.

The decision showed that the committee members have been largely unmoved by a referendum in the Falkland Islands last year in which more than 99 per cent of voters favoured remaining a British Overseas Territory.

The UK has rebuffed Argentina's calls to negotiate the sovereignty of the south Atlantic islands, saying it is up to people who live there to decide...

Much more here.

Seems to me that the people of the Falklands already decided. Last year, the Islanders voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to remain British..Read my column on that here.

The UN seems to have ignored the history of Falkland Islands (they can catch up by reading my previous column here.)

My message to the UN and Argentina?  Keep your hands off MY islands.. Period.