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Monday, May 26, 2014

Catastrophic Outcomes May Come Faster Than Expected - James Rickards

By Susan Duclos

In the interview below, best selling author and financial expert James Rickard joins Greg Hunter of where he indicates financial collapse will happen without predicting the "when," but assures the public that one day out of nowhere, the price of gold will boom, then again and again, but by the time the everyday citizen  or smaller investors, gets a clue to buy gold, the supply won't be there.

Investors, big and small, need to listen to the entire interview below, carefully and then act accordingly... before it is too late.

Via Hunter's video details:

James Rickards, author of the new best-selling book called "The Death of Money," says the financial collapse will happen, but he is not sure of when it will come. Rickards explains, "It is the thing you won't see coming that will take the system down. Things happen much more quickly than what investors expect." Rickards adds, "What will happen in gold is that it will chug along and then all of a sudden--boom. It will be up a $100 an ounce, and then the next day it will be up another $200 an ounce. Then everyone will be on TV saying it's a bubble—boom. It's up $300 an ounce and, before you know it, it will be up $100 per ounce. Then people will say gee, I better get some gold, and they'll find out they can't get it because the big guy will get it. You know, like central banks and sovereign wealth funds will be able to get the gold. The typical investor will run down to the coin shop and they will be sold out, and the U.S. Mint will say sorry we're not shipping. You're going to find out you can't get it because the whole thing is set up for massive shortages in supply."

Rickard is but one of the growing list of financial gurus, handicappers, investors and forecasters that are warning Americans that the house of cards is about to come tumbling down.