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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Man Fires At Women For Refusing To Have Sex

By Susan Duclos

Just a day after Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree as "retribution" against women for refusing to have sex with him, another incident occurred where a man fired "about eight rounds" at three women that refused to have sex with he and his friends.

As the women were leaving, one of the men fired about eight rounds from a 9mm handgun at them, but no one was injured.

Police say the gunman was identified as Keith Binder, 21. They do not have names for the other two suspects, but were told their nicknames are “Little D” and “Little Eggy.”

They fled the area in a green, late-1990s model Pontiac Grand Prix and a gold, late-1990s model Toyota Camry.

If you know any other information regarding this case, you can call the Stockton Police at (209) 937-8377.

A good thing Keith was a bad shot eh?

What is this, a new trend?