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Sunday, May 18, 2014

This Is How We Take Back America! Videos – Citizens Arrest Board For Refusing Public Comment

By Live Free or Die, cross posted from Before It's News

Breitbart is running an exclusive story sharing a delightful development, US citizens arresting a Park District Board for refusing to allow public comment, which is against Illinois state law. In fact, a sheriff arrived at the proceedings and informed those citizens who were doing the arresting that they were well within their rights to do so.

If Occupation American Spring ever lives up to their promises, we hope to see them doing the same thing to law-breaking politicians in Washington DC. The Bureau of Land Management thugs should have all been arrested for attempting to enforce a ’1st Amendment Zone’ at Bundy Ranch. The meeting was captured in the 2nd video below; the 1st video is Infowars report on this development. First, from Breitbart.:

On Tuesday, around 30 citizens attended a meeting of the Clark County, IL Park District Board. Most wished to address the board over several recent controversies and allegations of corruption. In the face of this, the board said a public comment period wasn’t on the agenda and quickly moved to adjourn the meeting. Citizen John Kraft then informed the board that he was making a citizens’ arrest of the members as provided under Illinois state law.

One Board member left the meeting before Kraft could read the arrest statue. Two board members submitted to the arrest. At that point, the Board’s attorney, who is daughter of the Park Board President informed the remaining board members that they were free to go. She made this recommendation after being shown the statute that authorized the citizens’ arrest.

Clark County Sheriff Jeff Parsley arrive on the scene and told Kraft and Allen that they were within their rights to make the arrests.