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Friday, May 30, 2014

Deagle- Obama A ‘Bi-Sexual, Sock Puppet Drug Addict’ – Hillary The ‘Event Horizon Of Evil’ & More

By Susan Duclos


Dr. Bill Deagle is joined by Dr. Ted Broer for a a discussion on a wide range of topics including the Bilderberg Group and annual meeting, the Satanic agenda in ruling the world, his meeting with Bill Clinton who is like a good ole boy, albeit a bad one, and how touching Hillary Clinton was like touching death, referring to her as the "event horizon of evil.

 Around the six minute mark is where Deagle describes Obama as a "weak president" who is a "bi-sexual, sock-puppet, drug addict," easily controlled, unlike Hillary who Deagle insists is too evil for the powers that be to control, therefore they will never allow her to be president.

 Other topics include how some churches today refuse to discuss the evil being seen throughout the world, dimensions and the Devil's agenda, leaving a vacuum for Satan to come in to fill.

 From politics to religion, there is something for everyone in this extremely interesting discussion below, with many things included that some, including myself,  do not agree with, and other things they will, which leaves much room for a lively debate and discussion.

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