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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Imagining The Weiner's Weiner Ads If Anthony Runs For Mayor: 'Anthony Weiner 'Hard' at work'

By Susan Duclos

[Update- 7/23/13] New Weiner sexts and photos, with links, found HERE.

[Update- 5/23/13] It's official, followup including Best Weiner Headlines!

[Update- 4/24/13] Anthony Weiner Admits There May Be More Photos Out There

Original post below

The sheer entertainment factor is enough for me to say, yes, please run for Mayor Anthony!!!

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is laying the groundwork for a political comeback, possibly as a startling addition to this year’s mayoral race, sources said yesterday.

Political insiders were abuzz at news that Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, had granted a lengthy magazine interview for the first time since his resignation in an embarrassing sexting scandal in 2011.
“The magazine piece is step one of a two-step process for him to run citywide this year,” said one Democratic Party source.

“He’s looking at public advocate and comptroller, but he really thinks he can use this to get back in and run for mayor.”

Both the pictures the former New York congressman, Anthony Weiner, was sending out to women and the available sext messages, would provide fodder for  opposition ad campaigns.

Had Weiner not been a public figure, a politician, the messages and pictures below, a couple photos taken in the congressional gym, then the naughty messages and pics would have had no news value, because what people choose to do privately, isn't news worthy. Weiner, by running for, and being elected to, Congress, makes him a public figure.

Weiner photo taken at work gym

Weiner Twitter photo sent by mistake publicly instead of via DM

One could say Weiner "exposed" himself to public ridicule by accidentally sending out the picture that started it all, above.

I can see the opposition ads now....

Narrator: "Anthony Weiner, the politician that exposes more than just fraud"

Weiner's sext messages, via Business Insider:

Sent: September 17, 2010 this is my "pull my finger" shot. glad you like. i'm ready for a vegas trip. truth telling during the day. got a night plan for us?

Sent: September 17, 2010 why choose? with me behind you can't we both watch daily show?

Sent: September 22, 2010 how did i miss this chance to rock your world by phone? give me another chance! stalk me baby, very hot.

Sent: March 3, 2011 your p**** still tight and w*t for me baby?

Sent: March 3, 2011 think of my rock hard c***. practice saying, 'god, anthony, I'm c****ing again.

Sent: March 3, 2011 shower. still h**d. thinking of you on me while I kiss your t***. Hold you down and take you deep

Sent: March 3, 2011 you will gag on me before you c** with me in you

Sent: March 16, 2011 baby you'd be crawling for the door to prevent me from f***ing you silly

Sent: March 16, 2011 I'm horny a lot. sorry

Sent: March 16, 2011 I want to feel you c** with my fat c*** in you

Sent: March 16, 2011 when am I gonna get some lisa pics to j**k off too?

Sent: March 16, 2011 go into the bathroom mirror now. I'm like a rock

Sent: March 16, 2011 It needs your p**** juice

Sent: March 16, 2011 wow a jewish girl who sucks c***! this thing is ready to do damage

Sent: March 16, 2011 <= thinking about gagging your hot mouth with my c***

Sent: March 16, 2011 you will surely make noise when I take you deep. i will tell you how tight your p**** feels

Sent: March 16, 2011 ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?

Sent: March 16, 2011 it won't go away, and now I'm taking pics of it, making me ha**er still."

Sent: April 7, 2011 you would be good at that. your little pic makes me h**d

Sent: April 29, 2011 tonight i'm just a man with a raging h**d on
 Opposition ad:

 Narrator: "Anthony Weiner 'Hard' at work"

FlashBack Video- Bill Maher and Jane Lynch - The Weinerlogues

Run, Anthony, Run!!!

[Update] A few Twitter members joining the fun:

[Update] Via Twitchy- Weiner Bumper Stickers!!!!!