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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Video Flashbacks- Sound Familiar? - Obama: Our Top Priority Now Is Jobs And Growth

By Susan Duclos

Andrew Malcolm over at Investors Business Daily has the transcript of Obama's weekly remarks from this morning where Obama assures the American public that the top priority and focus is now "jobs."

Back in August of 2011, Huffington Post's Ben Craw wrote and posted a video, showing how familiar that Obama line really is.

 In his very first address to Congress in February of 2009, President Barack Obama promised an agenda focused on job creation. Following every major subsequent event of his presidency — be it a concerted campaign like health care reform or, much more frequently, an unwelcome crisis — he has been forced to reiterate that he will now focus on jobs. Just how many times has he made the jobs promise?

Video below:

I think we all know there has been countless times since August 2011 that we have heard Obama repeat the jobs refrain.

In the meantime each day we see more  layoffs, business closures and bankruptcy,  costing tens of thousands of jobs per month across America.

It appears that Obama's "focus" is doing more harm than good since unemployment is higher today than the day he took office in January 2009.