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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CA, CT, NC, IL And OH Record Highest Number Of Mass Layoff Initial Claims For October 2012

By Susan Duclos

While we do the daily layoffs and business closure pieces here at WuA, listing reports of layoffs and closings around the country as well as bankruptcy, as part of the Obama Economy watch, it is also worth noting that four out of five states that went to Obama in 2012, are among the states with the highest number of mass layoff initial claims for October 2012.

California, Connecticut, North Carolina, Illinois and Ohio registered the largest "events" aka large-scale layoffs, in which employers cut at least 50 workers.

Nationally, 109,829 people filed for unemployment insurance benefits due to 1,142 layoffs, up from 96,914 and 1,101 during the same month of 2011. (Page 7 of the embedded PDF below this post)

The breakdown of state's totals are on page 9 of the PDF below:

California- 399 events, 33,225 initial claimants
Connecticut- 138 events, 11,100 initial claimants
North Carolina- 57 events, 8,957 initial claimants
Illinois- 42 events, 7,018 initial claimants
Ohio- 47 events, 6,331 initial claimants

Four out of five states that are suffering the worst, voted for more of the same.

The Mass Layoffs news release for November is scheduled to be released on Friday,December 21, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. (EST).
October 2012 Mass Layoff Initial Claims