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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Obama Economy- Layoff's, Business Closings and Bankruptcy: November 10, 2012

By Susan Duclos

The Obama economy continues to shed more jobs with employees being laid off and businesses shutting their doors and others filing for bankruptcy.

Layoffs: 11/10/12

DuPont, Co. to cut 64 local jobs 
TMX Group Ltd. - 100
Penn Refrigeration - 40
Wilkes-Barre PA - Layoffs Possible
Standard Bank Group Ltd. - up to 15% of Staff
The Art Gallery of Windsor ( International ) - 12
American Coal - 54
New Energy Corp. Indiana - Idles 40

Business Closings: 11/10/12

Williamson Bicycle Works Closing at 640 W. Washington Ave Store, Other Store Open
Update: Bakers Footwear Group Begins Liquidating 150 Stores Across the Country
Vyn-All Pool Products Plant in McKenzie Tenn.
Christensen’s Furniture
Mountain West Research closed its call center in Idaho Falls
Blockbuster Video Store at 545 N.Telegraph Rd. in Monroe
Fishbones General Store in Mount Vernon NH?
Bartikowsky Jewelers in Wilkes-Barre PA
The Red Oak Comfort Food and Pie Co in Bloomington
Heritage House Antiques Store in Port Royal
House of Shalimar in Ithaca NY
Update: Target Store in Hickory Hollow Area Tenn.
Mike-sell's Snack Food Co. is closing three Ohio distribution facilities -  40 Jobs Lost
Richboro's Patagonia Bar and Grill PA
The Party Warehouse closing 2 Stores
Holland Jewelers located near SouthPark Mall in Moline

Bankruptcy: 11/10/12

Omtron USA
Helmkampf Construction in Olivette
Clear Light Publishers

 AND... all Obama can keep babbling about is "taxing the rich", which will cost even more jobs.

Expect four more years of bad news, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
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