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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election Consequences- Liberals Bitter Because Conservatives Were Right About Obama's Reelection

By Susan Duclos

Liberals are bitter because conservatives were correct in predicting an Obama win for reelection would lead to layoffs, closures, cuts in worker's hours and hiring freezes.

Over the last week, since election night, companies have laid off workers, cut employee hours and warned of  upcoming hiring freezes, many citing Obamacare as the reason.

Conservatives warned the electorate what would happen if Obama was reelected and hopes of repealing Obamacare were nixed. Jobs would be lost, unemployment would rise, companies would be forced to make heartbreaking decisions to continue to running at a profit and growth would slow down to snails pace.

Obama was reelected, liberals won, now they must lie in the bed they made.

Elections have consequences and those that voted for Obama should just STFU about those consequences of their own actions.

Businesses do not start a business to lose money. The purpose of creating a business, building it, expanding it and operating it, is to make money and anything that hinders that type of progress is changed, stopped or altered in order to bring the business back on track to make money.

Business 101 folks.

Welcome to the Obama economy..... Barack Obama, Democrats, Liberals and all that voted for him.... Congratulations, YOU built this.