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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Does Anyone Remember The Four Americans That Died In Libya?

By Susan Duclos


Four Americans died in a terror attack in Libya on 9/11. The Obama administration refused multiple requests for extended security for the U.S. Ambassador to Libya's team. After the attack, Barack Obama and his administration officials lied, called the attack "spontaneous," blamed a film clip that had been online for months before the attack, persecuted the film maker, continues to lie about the timeline and why no help was given by the Obama administration when the men were begging for assistance, and now, the sustained headlines for days is about CIA director David Petraeus, his extramarital affair and his lover's emails to another woman?

Sure give it a headline, maybe two, ask questions, keep track of it, but to completely ignore the initial failures of the Obama administration to focus only on the whole Petraeus fiasco, is irresponsible at best and a concentrated effort to take the spotlight off of Obama's incompetence at worst.

Petraeus did not refuse to extend security multiple times. Petraeus did not make public statements condemning a movie clip in an attempt to coverup a terrorist attack. Petraeus did not public condemn an American's free speech rights instead of condemning terrorists that killed four Americans. Petraeus did not remove Ambassador Stevens' 16 man security team one month before the terrorist attack on 9/11. 

Four Americans are dead and the security failures that led to their deaths should be the main focus and any mention of the Petraeus affair after the initial reporting of it, should be directly related to that.