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Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fools Day 2012 Pranks: Google And Geeks Have Some Fun

By Susan Duclos

Google seems to be having quite a bit of fun today for April Fools Day, which includes announces of their first prank of the day Google Maps in 8-bit, then they moved on at a fast pace with Google Really Advanced Search, Chrome Multitask Mode, Google Racing, Google now lets you change the weather, Gmail Tap, Click-To-Teleport, Google Street Roo, have all of YouTube delivered straight to your door (or as a gift to for friends and family) with The YouTube Collection, GoRo, Google Fiber, Google Voice for Pets, Jargon-Bot for Google Apps , and their latest prank (still early there will be more!!!, interplanetary reporting on Google Analytics.

You can see the videos introducing these cool Google fake inventions over at The Next Web.

Teaser video below for "Gmail Tap":

The Chicago Tribune warns "Don't Trust The Media (Seriously)" and gives a little history on prior media pranks.

More details and history over at Search Engine Watch.

PCMag chooses what they consider "The Best Online April Fools' Day Jokes."

IBTimes has their own set of favorites with "April Fool’s Day 2012: Top Ten Funniest Geek Pranks." (I love the Blue Screen of Death Prank)


Happy April Fools' Day everyone and be very, very careful about the "breaking" news you see today.