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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Liberals Go Insane Calling Ann Romney C*nt, Whore, Bitch And More

By Susan Duclos

Long story short, Democratic strategist, Hillary Rosen says Ann Romney, mother of five, " never worked a day in her life,". Firestorm of criticism ensues. Rosen doubles down. Dems turn on Rosen when the plan backfired. Ann Romney responds on television. Rosen apologizes.

Initial story here. Ann Romney's television response here.

Caught up? Good.

A certain faction of liberals have totally lost their minds as the whole Rosen/Romney bruhaha plays itself out and take to Twitter calling Ann Romney a cunt, whore, bitch and much much more. (Twitchy is soooooo awesome for bringing these tweets to everyone's attention)

See the rest at Twitchy and I have added a widget on the right side showing the Tweets mentioning Ann Romney's name for a limited time. (Widget removed)