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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Video- Obama Booed at Fenway Park 2012

By Susan Duclos

Not the best video footage and hoping to replace the video below with better footage when it becomes available.
Throughout the day I kept seeing reports, via Twitter messages, from people like Boston Globe sports reporter Gordon Edes and Newsday‘s Erik Boland claiming that Obama's video message which played at Fenway received boos from the fans. (MediaIte shows those Tweets)

Finally after waiting most of the day, a [questionable] video became available.(H/T FireAndreaMitchell)


[Update] (Note- This is an unconfirmed video)

[Update #2] The uniforms shown in the video above do not seem to match the white uniforms the team was reportedly wearing for the anniversary game. Vid will be replaced when another is available.