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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Popcorn News: Fox News Exploring Legal Options On Gawker Mole

By Susan Duclos

[Update, 4/12/12] Fox News did, indeed, discover his identity and he has been fired as Fox determines what legal actions can be taken.

Side note- Worst mole ever if it took less than 24 hours for Fox to determine his identity.

Original post below

Short and sweet, via MediaIte:

So, when we asked readers how long it would take for Fox News to find the mole that Gawker had in their midst, did anyone put money down on “24 hours”? If so, it would appear that you just won the jackpot. A Fox News spokesperson revealed to Mediaite that they have already discovered the mole’s identity.

Here is the brief statement from the spokesperson:

“We found the person and we’re exploring legal options at this time.”

The so-called mole claims he/she is still at work and Fox responds that they know who it is and said nothing about confronting or firing as of yet.

Ok, so it is a slow news day and I am taking my entertainment where I can get it. It also points to the media bias, lack of ethics and general childishness of Fox News haters, including Gawker.

More at ABC News.