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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I Don't Care Anything About Your Disability."

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

I am very concerned about the people of the 18th Congressional District of Texas.  You know that gerrymandered district so convoluted as to insure a re-election victory for Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee.

18th Congressional District of Texas
I do believe you remember Congresswoman Jackson Lee.  Here are just a few of her inspired comments:

Just a few of her many gaffs.

Now the good Congresswoman is going to feel the heat.  Her former legislative director, Mona Floyd, has filed a lawsuit in regard to the discriminatory working conditions.
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's former legislative director is suing the Democratic congresswoman, claiming she made "humiliating" comments about her vision disability while refusing to do anything to accommodate her.

At one point, the lawsuit claims, the congresswoman told her: "I don't care anything about your disability."

The lawsuit, filed last month in District of Columbia federal court, seeks unspecified damages in the form of "back and front pay," as well as punitive damages. Former aide Mona Floyd claims Jackson Lee's treatment of her amounted to "unlawful discrimination" and contributed to her resignation last fall.

The suit states that Floyd suffers from "monocular vision," causing eye fatigue and reducing reading speed -- symptoms that worsen without adequate rest during the day.

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Congresswoman Jackson Lee's behavior towards her employees has been well documented since 2002.  Her temper tantrums, obscene language and abuse towards her employees would be considered grounds for dismissal in the Private Sector, but in Congress they are acceptable.  And so they are to the people of Houston.  They must be.  They keep electing this over the top, racist, egotistical fool of a woman.  I wonder what the people of Houston are smoking.  Or is it the simple fact that they are inbred idiots.  Dumber than the inbred idiots in Deliverance.  There has to be a valid reason for her continual re-election to Congress.

One day, hopefully in 2012, the good people of the 18th will awaken and realize that do to this woman's insane utterances they are the laughing stock of the nation.  And with that realization they will vote this woman out of office.  But until that time we must endure that which is unendurable:  The stupidity and hypocrisy of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.