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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Telephone Lines

I almost posted a video from Electric Light Orchestra....but reality is so much better. Let's go visit the White House...shall we?
Dang! How did that happen? Bunch of Liberals calling out Obama? Hmmm....Uh....NO! Couch taters watching which Idol will be their next IDOL!
Could not it be that America is waking up? Naw....
Damed Old Tea Partiers...:)
In a tame way, this is very F****G funny! Backlash approaches. Grassroots Rock!
Hey, go check it out yourself. Obamas Minnions are way to busy on the cell, making deals, and trying to figure out if HE, (the annoited one) will deliver the next welfare check in person...I am not sweating one bit!

In Liberty,


PS: Call Us! is busy...